The Angel Mountain Phenomenon

Described as "a publishing sensation" by The Bookseller magazine, this series of seven novels, written and published over the period 2001-2009, were initially published by the author's own small publishing house, Greencroft Books, but they became best-sellers immediately, and three titles were then snapped up by Corgi for publication to a world-wide market. The rights have now been returned to Greencroft Books, and all the titles are once again available in the same A5 format.

The stories are all about one woman -- the feisty and very imperfect Mistress Martha Morgan of Plas Ingli -- and the story of her eventful life is told in her own words and through a diary format. Each of the novels covers a different phase of her life, starting in 1796 when she is a pregnant and suicidal eighteen-year-old following a shotgun wedding, and ending when she goes to her grave in a manner of her own choosing in 1855 -- or was it four years later, in 1859?

The stories are set in West Wales, and a central theme is the intense relationship between the heroine and her beloved Carningli -- the Angel Mountain of the title. But the stories are essentially human dramas on a sweeping scale, involving Martha's men and her children, and more than 200 memorable characters, and with story-lines that move on with great momentum. Some readers (both male and female) have remarked that the scope of the Saga is Shakespearean, in that "all human life is there."

Many readers have also said that the stories, like all good historical novels, are solidly rooted in their time. They give an extraordinary picture of early nineteenth century life -- the social conditions of the rich and the poor, farming traditions, the administration of justice, smuggling, the supernatural, and much else besides.

Read the stories, and draw your own conclusions. Start with On Angel Mountain, and we guarantee that you'll be hooked............ you won't need any encouragement to pick up House of Angels, Dark Angel and then the others. But beware -- once you have picked them up, you probably won't be able to put them down!

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Conspiracy of Angels