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From Chapter 5 of “Dark Angel”

Martha is terrified when a creature referred to as The Nightwalker makes frequent mysterious visits to the area around her home. It appears to be stalking her. She has no idea whether the creature is a ghost, or a man, or a demon……….

Yesterday, shortly after ten of the clock on a breezy spring morning, I was on my way to Llannerch. I followed the lane to the Dolrannogs and Penrhiw, but I was in no state to admire the brash golden daffodils and cool yellow primroses that still lined the hedgerows, for I had too much on my mind. I rounded a little bend in the lane, and almost walked straight into the Nightwalker. The creature was standing in the lane, facing me and no more than twenty paces in front of me. I stopped dead in my tracks, overwhelmed by terror. I was so frightened that my recollections of its appearance are sketchy to say the least, but I think that it looked the same as ever, with a tall black wide-brimmed hat on its head, a black muffler around its face, and its whole body swathed in a capacious black cloak. Although I was so close to the figure, I do not recall that I saw its eyes. Perhaps, as a phantom or a demon, it has no eyes, no face, and no body?

For a moment the creature and I stood facing one another. I think I was too terrified to turn and run. Then, with infinite slowness and menace, it started to move towards me, and my fear rose to such a peak that I think I must have fainted. At any rate, some minutes or hours later I regained consciousness and found myself lying in the middle of the filthy track with my bonnet on the ground beside me, mud all over my cloak and dress, and bruises on my elbow and on the back of my head. Next to me, on the ground, there was a small bunch of freshly picked daffodils. What an extraordinary thing! There was no sign of the Nightwalker.

I picked myself up, checked that I was not bleeding from my injuries, and brushed the mud off my clothes as best I could. What should I do now? I felt giddy, and I was still in a state of panic as recollections of the encounter with the creature in black came flooding into my mind. I could have turned and run home, since I was no more than four hundred yards from my front door, but I thought better of it. I could not spend my life fleeing from phantoms, and I had a mission to complete. So I gathered up my skirts, looked about me to make sure that the creature really had disappeared, and hurried on towards Llannerch. Thomas Tucker was in the yard at Penrhiw, and I waved at him as I went past. I have to say that my mind was in a very unsettled state, for every rustle of the budding branches on the hedgerow trees, every black shadow, every scudding cloud that blotted out the sun appeared to be filled with menace. But then I realized that the birds were still singing, that new lambs were frolicking in the fields, and that the spring sun was now high enough in the sky to banish the cold and damp of winter. And I was strangely reassured by the thought of the daffodils lying in the muddy lane when I had recovered from my faint. Were they real daffodils, or flowers from the phantom world? I reprimanded myself for not checking.