The Place

All of the Angel Mountain Saga stories are set on and around the little mountain of Carningli and in the adjacent communities of Cilgwyn and Newport, on the spectacular cliffed coastline of North Pembrokeshire in Wales. This is a landscape on an intimate scale, and one that is very beautiful, including bluestone crags and scree slopes, wild moorlands, deep wooded valleys, and a wide sheltered estuary leading out into the sweep of Cardigan Bay. The novels have a very strong sense of place, and for that reason they have been compared with the novels of Thomas Hardy, Catherine Cookson or Winston Graham. The mountain is more than just a location in the stories -- it is almost a character in its own right, portrayed in its changing moods and colours, and also influencing the key events which affect the heroine. The summit is a place blessed by angels, and indeed it has a long history as a sacred place, dating back to the time of the early Celtic saints. So it is Martha's cathedral and her sanctuary -- but also a place of supernatural encounters and a number of terrifying episodes which almost drag our heroine to her doom.