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A modern Welsh literary triumph... An excellent evocation of the beautiful countryside of the area and the traditions of rural eighteenth-century Wales. It has a page-turning plot, packed with adventure, treason, murder and passion, where the horrors in the drama are balanced by gentle scenes full of the warmth and love of the family at Plas Ingli. And it has, in Martha Morgan, an irresistible narrator and heroine: brave, impetuous, loving, and occasionally vengeful....... - Welsh Books Council

Unusual and beautifully written...there are shades of Thomas Hardy's Wessex. - Nottingham Evening Post

If it does not become a best-seller, there is no justice in this world. - John Seymour, writer and broadcaster

The writing is vibrant and alive. For someone who had never written fiction before some of the erotic scenes -- not to mention a brilliantly crafted description of a miscarriage -- needed careful handling........ The author lives in one of the most beautiful parts of Britain, and he has used that landscape and scenery to fuel his imagination. - Phil Carradice, Writers' Forum

Need a book to snuggle up with by the fire? This is it -- a stirring tale of the rebuilding of the fortunes of a Pembrokeshire farming family told through the diary of the young mistress of the house. It’s got the lot -- love, nature, mystery, mysticism and a lot of charm -- a bit Wilkie Collins. The period detail is so authentic you forget it’s recently written, and it’s one of those books you miss when you’ve finished it. - Welsh Living

The concept is imaginative and enjoyable. The book will unquestionably enjoy an audience not only in Wales, but for anyone with the remotest interest in our nation. - Western Mail

It is a sign of the writer’s skill and imagination that we enter fully into Martha’s vivid world. If you want to enjoy a lively, skilful and exciting portrayal of real life in eighteenth-century Pembrokeshire, you will have to buy this book. - County Echo

The author’s intimate knowledge of the subject is apparent on every page. The story is soundly based on historical fact, and allusions to genuine historical people and events give it a feeling of authenticity. But this is more than just a diary of a country lady. Cleverly woven into the text runs a dark and sinister tale.... This book will give pleasure to those who are fascinated by social history and to those who enjoy a gripping tale. - Gwales (Welsh Books Council)

A well-paced and well-plotted tale with a gripping finale and a strong sense of place. - Pembrokeshire Life