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This novel has all the feisty and awe-inspiring ingredients to be found in John's preceding books relating to Martha - and many of the original characters remain as alive and colourful as ever, together with several new and animated individuals who add still more flavour to the narrative. As always Martha finds a cause to fight for, and this time it is the Poor Irish, caught up in the Potato Famine of 1845-48. She becomes embroiled in a private battle with the secret Society of Sea Serjeants, and this gives her friends and family some considerable problems as they try to protect her from the society's vengeance. John, as always, has a magical feeling of place and his narrative is full of dynamism and perception. Norma Penfold, Gwales.com (Welsh Books Council)

The much loved Angel Mountain books take the form of a discovered diary, which follows the life of insuppressible heroine Mistress Martha Morgan from her late teenage years to her demise in this the final book.........Wackier she may get but it is apparent that Mistress Martha has lost none of the saltiness and spirit that have endeared her to readers since the first book called “On Angel Mountain” appeared from the author’s own publishing imprint, Greencroft Books. Becky Hotchin. PembrokeshireTV

Successive books have turned Martha into Pembrokeshire’s best-loved fictional character. The books have also turned Carningli (the key location in the saga, and the place where Marthas has her secret cave) into a place of pilgrimage, climbed by many readers who generally stay well clear of mountains. Brian blames the “spirit of the mountain” for that phenomenon, but the books clearly have something to do with it. News Wales (Western Mail)