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It has to be said that Brian's metamorphosis into novel mode has been smoothly achieved. Martha Morgan becomes a very real person and the books are a compulsive read, with shades of Cordell and Cookson, although the author refutes outside influences apart from the brooding presence of Carningli itself. - Derek Rees, Western Telegraph, referring to the first two "Angel Mountain" novels

Readers are swept along on a roller-coaster of emotion, experiencing Martha's passionate love for her family and their mountainside home to her desire for truth and justice. The plot twists and turns with murder, hidden treasure and romance all preventing the reader from putting the book down until finished. I look forward to further offerings from Brian John and his inspiring heroine Martha Morgan." - Catherine Collins, County Echo

This is a splendidly-imagined and well-told tale of good triumphing over evil, set in the dramatic scenery of Carningli near Newport, Pembrokeshire. ...the local colour is brilliantly imagined and the incidental historical detail, unobtrusively woven into the fabric of the narrative, is fascinating. Here is an adventure story in which the narrative never flags. The delineation of the main characters, especially the headstrong and irresistible Mistress Martha, by turns spiritual and earthy, is vivid and true. - Robert Anthony, Western Telegraph

This time the beauty (Martha Morgan) is swept through a complex tale of murder, intrigue and romance. Mixing grief and pathos, exuberance and humour in equal measure, the whole narrative has a strong sense of place. - Dean Powell, Western Mail

The beauty of the country and the day to day business of farm life is set amidst intrigue and a collection of compelling characters to make a wonderful winter read. - Welsh Living
Martha Morgan, who is young and beautiful, tells the story through entries in her journal, with many descriptions of local characters and customs and so lyrical a response to the beauty of the landscape that she might have been influenced by Dorothy Wordsworth..... All this is satisfying and well told...... In terms of presentation other publishers might learn a few tricks. - Richard Jones, Planet

Based on her diary, this novel, like its predecessor, reaches out and pulls you into Martha's small world..... Beautifully written, this book takes you on a journey which you will never forget. If it is not made into a lavish period drama for the television there is no justice! - Jo Barnes, One Wales magazine