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The author lives in one of the most beautiful parts of Britain and he has used that landscape and scenery to fuel his imagination........the writing is vibrant and alive. Phil Carradice, Writer's Forum

The unique perspective which the author brings to his robust saga of Pembrokeshire country folk ..... manages to make even the most familiar aspects of the Rebecca tale seem fresh, and arguably this is the most successful of the series to date. Once again the action builds to a dramatic denouement on the slopes of Carningli, and in the final showdown the spirited Martha once again confounds all those foolish enough to think of conspiring against her and her flock of guardian angels. Keith Johnson, Pembrokeshire Life

The magic of Martha Morgan and the mystical mountain of Carningli continues to weave its spell. In "Rebecca and the Angels" author Brian John's storytelling reaches a rich maturity. We are swept along in a gripping tale that often leaves you breathless. I'm delighted that Brian's books have been snapped up by Transworld Publishers and that readers throughhout the world will now be able to share in Martha's magic." Doris Goddard, Western Telegraph

The author has researched his period well and is at ease with his genre. The pace is, like the Welsh climate, gentle one minute, tempestuous the next, ranging from blood, battles, intrigue and treachery to the whimsical, fly, romantic and mystical. The author's obvious appreciation of the Welsh countryside comes across to the reader in some excellent descriptive prose; indeed, like its heroine, this is a book of many parts. Norma Penfold, Gwales.com (Welsh Books Council)