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Dark Angel

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Conspiracy of Angels



Martha Morgan has finally found love, after weathering many storms of the heart. She agrees to marry Owain and all the Morgan family are delighted.
But just as she starts to believe that she can have a quiet, calm life, Martha is terrified by a ghostly apparition, which the servants start to call the Nightwalker. Further troubles await her – an orphan is abandoned on their doorstep, a ship is wrecked on the rocky coastline nearby, and one of the local squires tries to intimidate her. Finally, Owain, her anchor, disappears.
For the first time since she became its Mistress, the Plas Ingli estate is in serious trouble. It is up to Martha to lead her family out of dark times - even if the journey will test her to her limits...


More Information
Dark Angel by Brian John, Greencroft Books 2003.
ISBN 0905559 82 7. A5 paperback, 432 pp, £8.50. Published
1st November 2003. Reprinted 2005. Total copies
sold: 5,800.




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