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On Angel Mountain

house of angels

Dark Angel

Rebecca and the Angels

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Conspiracy of Angels

Conspiracy of Angels



Martha Morgan, the beautiful young mistress of the Plas Ingli estate, is warned that trouble is brewing for her family. She tries to carry on with her life - but then she receives the most terrible news that any young wife can imagine.
Despair threatens to overwhelm Martha, but she has many responsibilities and must live up to expectations. Little by little, with help from her family and from some of the more colourful local characters, she sets out to prove that she is more than a match for the scoundrels who have committed an appalling crime. The villains seek the gold hidden somewhere on the estate, and they have plans for Martha too. But she has a mind of her own, and she is very angry…


More Information
House of Angels by Brian John, Greencroft Books 2002.
ISBN 978-0-905559 81 0. A5 paperback, 432 pp, £7.99.
Published 1st November 2002. Reprinted 2004, 2009.
Total copies sold: 7,000.



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